Governing Council

Leadership’ is the most pivotal and important profession in this millennium.

As such, we spare no pains to nurture the spirit of passionate commitment and pioneering tasks so as to foster the culture of inventions and innovations. The new leaders of our society are the aspiring wealth of our nation. Hence, we provide an ideal platform and congenial climate to enable the young minds to enthuse, enlighten and empower. Today our society is undergoing drastic transformation due to globalization and westernization. As such we firmly believe that holistic education must relate to the real world and must promote creativity and critical thinking. At S.E.T we build a new age success mantra- “Explore Exhibit and Excel” so that our students embrace the subtle pleasure of being unique and evolve with pride and glory.

We wish all our aspirants a happy stay with us and a brilliant career a head.

Soundarya P Manjappa
Smt. Sunitha Manjappa
Managing Director
Keerthan Kumar

High School

Mrs. Chinnamma Kaverappa High School HM

Every accomplishment begins with the right decision to formulate the right schedule of action and implement it at the right time in the right direction

Yes, we must foster the same spirit in our commitment to duty so that we reach our destination with pride and glory.

Let us understand that the supreme aim of education is not merely acquisition of information but it is the spirit of devotion to the cause of humanity and a instructive society. Hence, to build able and noble citizens school education plays a significant role. In this dynamic and digital era, we must re-define the classroom delivery in such a way that it caters to the present day class climate, the C.C.E (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern. As a facilitator and mentor, a teacher’s role is to infuse youthful energy in the aspiring youngsters in a confident style that enables them to become proud victors of all times.

Mrs. Chinnamma Kaverappa
High School HM

Primary School

Smt. Prasannalakshmi
Smt. Prasannalakshmi - Primary HM

Education without Character’ is one of the seven sins pointed out by the Mahatma. Emotional well being is the keystone for the character which leads to better learning.
Children in juxtaposition often manifest the tendencies of mauling. As the two eyes of the educational life of the child, teachers and parents must be tenacious in creating a caring atmosphere which helps the child to build up great character. Our passionate contribution . . . makes a difference.

Prasannalakshmi .B
Headmistress (Primary wing)
Smt. Letha. J.Rai
Smt. Letha. J.Rai - Asst. HM Primary

Your Talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.
– Leo Buscaglia.
SET finds out hidden talents of each child and motivates them to say “I see, I get, and I can do it”.
We believe that the approach to motivating and getting the best out of children is based on the positive reinforcement of good work and good behavior with a philosophy centers on praise, encouragement, enthusiasm, fun and affection rather than criticism, fear and punishment. So that our students can face challenges with “how we can’ and not with ‘why we cannot’

Mrs. Latha J. Rai
Asst. Headmistress (Primary wing)

Nursery School

Smt. Queen Mary Singh
Smt. Queen Mary Singh - Nursery HM

Success is dependent on the efforts and success in the sum of small efforts
We at Soundarya Nursery, reinforce the Supreme Art of teaching through creative expression and knowledge.
To fulfill the demands of the growing modern generation, we need to nurture our students to innate talents and other skills apart from Academics.
Montessori is the way, we help develop our students’ skills, to manage the world and shine. We welcome a child centered collaborative environment to develop a love for learning, to build your child’s freedom to think, develop responsibilities, independence, curiosity, personal grace and courtesy.
Montessori is not only about the education, but it is a way of life, Imparting English Speaking and Listening skills play an equal part in our experiment and exploration.

Queen Mary Singh
Nursery HM